The need to optimize human interaction using recognized rules of
etiquette as a social tool was the motivation for forming the Etiquette,  Protocol, and Self -Image Consulting Group (EPSCG).

This innovative training  program is designed to help children and adults realize their full potential for  success by utilizing and integrating the rules of etiquette for contemporary
living. Further the program provides a common platform from which individuals  can build lasting and respectful relationships

EPSCG is profoundly committed to providing excellent service and
meeting the training needs of its participants. Innovative training approaches  are used to stimulate interest and inspire learning in a supportive, challenging  environment. The Program consists of training sessions that utilize an  interactive seminar format. Field trips and/ or guest speakers are utilized  recommended based on the specific teaching goals of each seminar. Each seminar
covers a wide range of materials and runs for two hours in duration per two (4 hours total) to four sessions (8 hours total). For example the Business Etiquette Seminar is scheduled for four sessions whereas the Communication Seminar will
run for two sessions. The length of field trips will conform to the specific seminar training achievement goals which will determine the time structure of these specific sessions. There are times when issues dealt with, in the seminars, will obviously overlap due to the interactive nature of etiquette, protocol and self- image. Although there are other available services, the following ten categories are the primary program areas:
(1) Social Graces/Social Interaction                                                  
(2) Business Etiquette/Professional Conduct
(3) Social/ Business Dining Etiquette                                                                                                                  
(4) Dress for the Occasion
(5) Communication Etiquette 
(6) Social Preparation for College                       
(7) Health/Hygiene /Nutrition     
(8) Planning, Organizing and Basic Financial Literacy
(9)  Self Image/Self Awareness   
(10) Protocol/ Different Cultures